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Hi guys welcome back Joel Woolhead here chances you stumbled across this video because you were searching for best wordpress hosting 2016 last time we spoke about my past experiences with different hosting providers and I reviewed who I prefer out of out of the hosting fast comment was the company i prefer and I did say that all will show you some of the support tickets and the back admin area and show you how quickly they replied to my tickets and and how things were done so let’s take a look so we said we’d have a look at the customer support area fast comment to log into the admin panel to simply go too fast comic com and the top here click on client login and take it to a login screen we can put your email address and your password and just click again once logged in this is your dashboard from he can can see all the different and hosting service you’ve got running domains support tickets it details the Buell’s many other things and I side he could get home you could be products which is different servers and whatnot a tab feed domains for billing not appealing another type of support and any orders and then down here your personal fire and to logout so let’s go ahead and take a look at the support tickets click on support opens up this account management window and then click on my tickets so I’ve had about seven tickets all closed fairly quickly and so some of them did take a a doubt to to happen but that was because i was moving websites that were about 15 20 gig and up also wasn’t home to reply some of the those times so let’s go ahead and and take a look at first one so let’s go ahead and take a look at the first one and this is back in june of this year 2016 basically I just as I Chose the wrong primary domain and just Wanted to change it to the correct one Basically i just put a spelling error in my core applied and obviously they

Successfully changed the primary domain name for the account setup let’s go back and get another one another one is getting a 500 error one month oneof my websites basically let them know that to fix this and to me I would have done Roman they replied and let me know that look at the error log and found that there was incorrect commissions and I change those permissions to default and checked its lighting for me so that I need to hook if I remember if you look at the time here it only took them approximately eight minutes or so to resolve and have it all are working again which was really really crucial having a 500 error and permissions and let’s go ahead and look at another one so I had another problem with same kind of thing but they resolve that within about 10 minutes and then that it’s in fairly big looks like transfers of about 20 gig per website so i did those is well fairly quickly from a number of places and if you have a look top 10 not focused i got to move one of my older domains from bluehost and which

I did fairly quickly so yeah thanks for watching as you can see fast comment fixed any issues on my websites fairly quickly in a timely manner they fixed fixed anything I throw them and the most websites fairly quickly and gave you instructions on what to do next

I feel that having a great support system is very crucial in web hosting, um it keeps your website going so that you can get visits it also helps google bots crawl your site so that you can keep ahead of the rankings.
So I hope what you found in this video helpful in terms of fast comets support and making a decision on your hosting.

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So thank you again thanks for watching the best wordpress hosting 2016 with Fast Comets support, thank you.

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