Best Of Crazy Customers 2016 Compilation

Part 2 :
Best Of Crazy Customers 2016 Compilation
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20 Responses to Best Of Crazy Customers 2016 Compilation

  1. Tanya Wilson

    Wow that lady at Subway is 5150!!!

  2. Barbra Wells

    The subway lady has mental issues she needs to eat at home.

  3. azimuth361

    Something my parents and elders did a lot of when I was growing up was smack me and say things like, "Behave!" and "You're embarrassing me!"

    Seems parents have stopped doing that.

  4. ChurchMob17 washington

    woman can't have no class in public men don't either

  5. Alexis Bliss

    Get out, fat white bitch.

  6. A L

    When James has taken just about enough shit for the day.

  7. Mimi Sitton

    Most black kids in this generation are degenerate as hell, and the Mexican ones too. I try to stay away from the restaurants with high concentrations. I don’t even want my unborn child hearing that kind of crap. Yeech.

  8. Dave

    That woman in the Subway is insane! Just think, she probably drives from place to place.

  9. joe joe


  10. Anarcho Syn

    I'm amazed by corporate retail employees restraint I'd have long since told these people to leave or wait to be escorted away by the cops. Needless to say I don't get many asshole customers anymore.

  11. steven mcdonald

    He Checked It In The Pacific What Do You Not Understand!

  12. Don Dressel

    NEVER fight with people who are preparing your food
    You never know what their going to add to your food lol

  13. Strange Iris

    She shouldnt be hungry anymore lmao she swollowed enough air with her constant bitching.

  14. krum will

    Omg how rude! Haha “I’m not even hungry” yeah right fatty off to kfc I go

  15. Metal Devil

    Is it weird that I liked that guy at 5:00 he was funny asl

  16. Chocolate Baby07

    Omg that girl said fat (?) white (?) ass bitch

  17. Chocolate Baby07

    11:55 I’m sorry but I would’ve felt like running that woman over with a cart 🛒

  18. Chocolate Baby07

    Customer: yeah that’s right billy bob (also) I wouldn’t come back even if u paid me

  19. Movnhorses

    Okay with all their ugliness and rudeness what did that accomplish? Why treat people like that? If that was really her money, she would have stayed around for the police… and the one about the pepper – maybe you shouldn't eat out! Looks like a lot of people need JESUS! John 3:16

  20. navanater123

    Kids are the worst! Honestly feel bad for the first couple. I was on a plane the other day and the kid wouldnt stop fidgeting around and screaming, it was the worst

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