Best IPTV Service 2018?

Is this the Best IPTV Service 2018? Double Agent is A IPTV service and they are trying to prove they belong. The question which is the best service is a hard one to answer, for example are you asking which is best iptv for

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#best iptv #cable Are you asking which have best iptv app? IPTV Service really depends on the end user. Double Agent is a nice service but it still have some room to grow the great this is the company recognize it and asking would be consumers for help. I think this Service finds it’s self somewhere in the middle. There are a lot of re-sellers popping up and new services coming out everyday. I want to thank this company for giving us a week free and now a one year sub to a lucky winner.

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20 Responses to Best IPTV Service 2018?


    I am trying to find a good service with the capability to handle for tv with out freezing and i need to have univision and wwe with local channels in the west, can you help me find one please

  2. PhatJay

    Thanks for the video, I'm very new to this paid service types, how exactly do I get this? Does it show ppv fights? Thanks!

  3. Bobby Silvers

    Kodii solutions got a letter their shutting down, just saying

  4. Ayo A

    So ur not even gonna test the channels?

  5. alex taveras

    great video keep it up

  6. Ray Jones

    Tech Inthebathroom you're the best iptv review guy in the business I appreciate you for bringing all the reviews to YouTube thanks!..

  7. Kras 4

    I've tried a ton of em ya'll … Eternal, Kodi Solutions, Setv, Vaders, Nitro. Get GearsTV/Mayfair guide (3 lines $42) and enjoy tons of channels, documentaries, PPV & NFL ticket with zero issues/buffering. I still have my Kodi Solutions account (1 device/$5) & my kids love it so there's that.

  8. Ray Jones

    My opinion only if double agent want to compete in the iptv business they should give anyone a 3 day trial like TvstreamsNow then show everyone your iptv service is better than the rest!….

  9. Ray Jones

    Can somebody pass me some toilet paper so I can flush DA down the toilet!

  10. Ray Jones

    Double agent needs to be flush down the toilet! Too expensive 2 devices $21 a joke kodi solution & Elite tv systems 5000 channels each $10 each go figure!

  11. Glen Galutera

    Tried buying it but it won't take my card now I have two unpaid invoices lol but I already emailed the support team hopefully we can resolve this.

  12. Essie Smith

    Hi Tech…great channel…great service. I think to choose random would be best. What ever way you decide….I Am In…For all that you do…Thank You

  13. Stonefree64

    Would love to win a year of free service. Contest should just be for Youtubers. Not everyone has Twitter or instagram. Randomizer should be used to pick a winner.

  14. Brad Vogt

    i just tried to purchase to try it and it is not taking payment i did submit a ticket

  15. Brad Vogt

    i also would do a number drawing the 1st to get the number wins on a live show

  16. jayclip80

    Free for a year! Not bad at all. Great video by the way

  17. Brad Vogt

    when does the trial start again i thought there was a fight on ppv they were gonna have the trial for

  18. Wham Bam09

    Hey what's good I'm in it to win it try a random drawing ask him if you can pick 4 people to win

  19. Bob v

    Im in Tech 😉 Ask him if he wants me to put the Link back in my Filelinked store 74238464 ?

  20. Darin Martin

    I would love to win 1 year. Good luck to everyone. Ps – just choose 2 ppl.

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