Best Adapted Screenplay Predictions & Leave No Trace’s Debra Granik – For Your Consideration

On this week’s For Your Consideration, the awards season panel of experts debates their picks for Best Adapted Screenplay at this year’s Oscars. Also, Perri Nemiroff sits down with Debra Granik, writer/director of Leave No Trace, starring Ben Foster and Thomasin McKenzie. The panel looks at possible nominees from Beautiful Boy, to Spike Lee’s BlackKklansman, to the Melissa McCarthy led Can You Ever Forgive Me?, to Barry Jenkins’s If Beale Street Could Talk, to the Bradley Cooper directed A Star Is Born, to Damian Chazelle’s First Man, to Joel Edgerton’s sophomore feature film Boy Erased and more! Whose top-notch adapted screenplay should be recognized by the Academy and which ones do our experts think will be snubbed? Watch and find out.

#ColliderFYC is hosted by Scott Mantz, with insight from regular panelists and fellow critics Perri Nemiroff and Jeff Sneider. Let us know what your predictions are for the Best Adapted Screenplay in the COMMENTS section below. Remember to LIKE and SHARE this video on your social media and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for more FYC content just like this.

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20 Responses to Best Adapted Screenplay Predictions & Leave No Trace’s Debra Granik – For Your Consideration

  1. Jake Ruefer

    These 3 have awesome chemistry! Just started watching this segment and I love it.

  2. Armando León

    This is the one category where I really, really hope A Star is Born doesn't get in, the screenplay was easily the worst aspect of the film. I have really high hopes for The Death of Stalin since Ianucci has gotten in the past and the script is undeniably brilliant.

  3. Ocean Sage

    Leave No Trace!

  4. Tampa Movie Guy

    I loved First Man.

  5. Shane G

    I like this show, but this ep being interrupted halfway through with an interview not so much. That's not what I watch FYC for, and the people who want that interview shouldn't have to watch FYC for it.

  6. Joel Bryant

    I love this show!

  7. Johnny Goodfellow

    This is becoming one of the best shows on Collider. Great panel, simple but interesting format, fun watch, thanks guys! Keep up the good work

  8. BlueFox94

    Imagine this for a Best Adapted Screenplay category:
    (out of 184 new releases seen as of this comment)
    — Annihilation
    — The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl
    — A Simple Favor
    — The Sisters Brothers
    — You Were Never Really Here

  9. Digital Bean

    I don't know how anyone can say A Star is Born is better written than First Man. ASIB has pacing issues, lost focus in the third act, and ends anticlimactically. Side characters were also underused (Sam Elliott and Dave Chappelle) and the sheer amount of F bombs was just silly.

  10. Kaleb Koho

    A Simple Favor should get a nom in this category

  11. Miles Edwards

    For me, A Star Is Born is almost a lock for an adapted screenplay nomination. It’s my best picture front runner and the best picture usually wins and almost certainly gets a screenplay nomination. Recently it’s gone away from that but I think it’s a safe bet for a nod.

    My List so far is:
    – A Star Is Born
    – Blackkklansman
    – If Beale Street Could Talk
    – Can You Ever Forgive Me?
    – First Man

    I’m also keeping a close eye on Widows, which I think could easily take out First Man.

  12. Scott Boswell

    Will you be covering Best Cinematography? Love this show!!

  13. Southern Gentleman


  14. Lucky Day

    Great interview Perri, always so present with the guests

  15. Lucky Day

    Can't get me enough FYC baby!

  16. Ruben Enriquez

    I really love this show! its awesome 👏 I can listen to Perri, sneider, and mantz talk about movies all day! keep up the great work🔥

  17. Shane Sher

    I'm surprised Scott didn't give Green Book an honorable mention

  18. Gavin48

    It will be
    1. BlacKKKlansman
    2. Widows
    3. If Beale street could talk
    4. A star is Born
    5. Can you ever forgive me?

    Black Panther, Paddington 2 and Death of Stalin could sneak in that 5th spot instead of Can you ever forgive me

  19. neil Varma

    I’m now in love with Debra Garnik. Amazing

  20. James Fox

    This is honestly the only show I watch on Collider outside of the schmoedown

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