Another Somewhat Cheap Server Build

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Here’s the link to the motherboard I was using.

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  1. Drakilicious

    Im friends with the local computer tech. We've got one small electronics store in my little boondocks town and he's got a metric shit-ton of old scrap parts. Built a whole windows 10 machine for $10USD with basically junk and it runs great. I was going to make a private video hosting/file-sharing server with it back when I was pissed at youtube to share videos links with friends… than I discovered crypto mining and that I had some old GPU's sitting around… so my private video hosting server got turned into a $10 mining rig. It paid for its self in a month back when bitcoin was up in price. I say this because if you're into tech and you got a lot of junk parts or wanting a little extra cash on the side. Why not fire up nicehash (or your preferred software) and mine over the winter for a little beer money. Double bonus save on the heating bill and heat your house with your miner.

    EDIT: Shortened my comment a little bit. TL:DR. 🙂

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