ALL 13 QUEENS OF MEWNI REVEALED! (BOY QUEEN!) – Star vs the Forces of Evil Breakdown

Star vs the Forces of Evil trading cards reveal all 13 queens of Mewni! Let’s go through all of them and dissect what information we can!



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20 Responses to ALL 13 QUEENS OF MEWNI REVEALED! (BOY QUEEN!) – Star vs the Forces of Evil Breakdown

  1. The Roundtable
  2. Kag 1995

    So do u think she’s gonna make another wand aside from the one she gave back eclipsa?

  3. GogoGenjirangers123

    I have star and marcos guide to mastering every dimension

  4. Not Here

    Rhina looks a lot like the girl from infinity train

  5. Sofia Louise


  6. Joe Gillespie

    What if that cude is actually gloseric being brought into existence, or that's what he truly was just pure magic that froze into a dwarf elf thing

  7. Sleeping forest of Gaia

    I have theory i dont now if this has been said but be caz star is the one that in away restored the realm of magic i think people 4get who they are be caz the star loves to us her magic to be free so it helps her for get the stuff she dont wont to do so caz its her magic thats all over the magic realm it helps other's for get to

  8. Savage_Inside

    but crescenta is usagina

  9. Devon Bunn

    Boy queen 😂 it called a king

  10. Charlie Adams

    btw i dont know if anyone noticed that eclipsa is moons 8th great grandmothe(revealed in page turner by glossarick)r= 11 generations later which would place eclipsa as the 13th which would make her the 1st queen

  11. Cathrina Abalos

    Urania was the first queen

  12. WhoIAmIsSamIAm

    Based off what we know about the Butterfly queens, I predicted and ordered how I think the family tree of how queens of Mewni would look. I ordered them in relation to Star. For example, I put Elcipsa as number 12 because she is (well, not actually) Star's 9th great-grandmother:

    (?). The first queen: (in the episode "Mewnipendance Day," Star's flipbook shows a queen with brown hair and in a red dress, some people on the internet seem to call her Urania)
    (?). Solaria the Monster Carver
    13. Soupina the Strange (not mentioned in the cards, but is mentioned in Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension)
    *12. Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness
    *11. Festivia the Fun (should be Meteroa here, though)
    10. Jushtin the Boy Queen
    9. (?) (though I could see Estrella go here)
    8. Rhina the Riddled
    7. Skywynne Queen of Hours
    6. Dirhhennia the Heaped (Star's aunt), then Crescenta the Eager (Star's great-great-great-grandmother)
    *5. Celena the Shy
    4. Estrella the Drafted
    *3. Comet the Chef
    *2. Moon the Undaunted
    *1. Star the Underestimated

    – * = the ones we know for certain, the rest is guesswork.

    – I chose to put Estrella before Comet because she seems to be the most similar to Comet physically and based on stats and butterfly count. They both have a similar skin tone and are strong in both intelligence and wisdom but weaker in strength and dexterity. This would also make sense because Estrella has blue eyes and so does Moon, Estrella's granddaughter.

    – However, I could see Estrella be the daughter of Jushtin because they have a similar style in hat wear. Also, Estrella has dark purple hair while Jushtin has mild purple hair. They don't have similar stats or butterfly count, though maybe Jushtin just wasn't that beloved of a queen and Estrella just picked up the pieces left by her father and became a better queen. Though I can't see Estrella being the mother of Rhina, but that doesn't mean it's not possible!

    – I believe that Crescenta is Celena's mother for a few different reasons. One that is kind of trivial: because Celena has flowers in her hair like Crescenta. I mean, we've seen Star dress similar to Moon such as in episodes like "Song Day." Next, and this is a stretch, but Crescenta's name sounds a lot like "crescent, " and somehow I connected that to Celena's crescent-shaped cheek marks. Not totally sure about this placement, but this is my best guess.

    – Since Dirhhennia and Crescenta are sisters, I put them on the same line. Here's a thought: could they be fraternal twins? We haven't talked about what would happen if a queen had twins. I'm guessing Dirhhennia was born first but by just a few minutes.

    – Okay, so I think Skywnne could be the mother of Crescenta and Dirhhennia. Here me out on this one: Skywnne and Crescenta both seem to have similar stats, with just major differences in wisdom and dexterity (Skywnne has greater wisdom and Crescenta has greater dexterity). They also dress fairly similar in color and have poofy shoulder pads (again, queens and their daughter dress similar from time to time). And assuming that Mewni Queens tend to only have children with one partner and since we know Dirhhennia is Crescenta's sister, then Skywnne would have been the mother of Dirhhennia as well.

    – Now, with the above bullet point in mind, I have a theory:

    I feel like Skywnne would have been a pretty studious queen and mother since she contributed a lot to the spell book. The woman had hour-glasses for cheek marks for Pete's sake, so I'm guessing she was pretty conscientious, especially with time. With this in mind, I feel like she was a strict mother and that she put her girls through the same rigorous magic training. To compensate for being younger, I think that Crescenta would always try to blow her sister out of the water and be a better princess and magic wielder, which could explain for her similar stats and butterfly count to Skywnne. I also wonder if Skywnne showed favoritism for Crescenta considering "heaped" means to show criticism or abuse. And based on first glance, I feel like Dirhhennia probably felt like she wasn't good enough compared to her sister, and I definitely feel like that could have affected her self-esteem and ability to act as queen. I wonder if Skywnne thought that Dirhhennia wasn't fit to rule and then gave the role to Crescenta instead.

    – I put Rhina as the mother of Skywnne, because again, similar stats and butterfly count. They both seem to be weilding strong magic of some sort. I feel like Rhina was a very curious queen and explored a lot with magic, which led Skywnne to do the same and develop a lot of spells for the spellbook. Not as sure on this one, but I feel like this is a decent guess.

    – I think Jushtin would have been the son of Festivia, though that's because they have similar hair color. He also seems like a fun dude based on first glance and Festivia was fun, so maybe? I have nothing else to base my argument on.

    -Then I think that Soupina would have been Eclipsa's mother. As we know, Eclipsa said she lost her mother at an early age. Soupina was known for being odd, and considering Eclipsa has her own odd but charming quirks and deviated from the rest of the family, I think that Soupina could have easily been Eclipsa's mom. I wonder if Soupina was odd not only for her quirks but also her beliefs, especially towards her positive view of monsters. Maybe the high commision wasn't too happy about that and got rid of Soupina?

    It seems like Eclipsa was close to her mother considering how sad she got when she brought her up when talking to young Moon. I feel like Eclipsa's mother had to be similar to Eclipsa in some ways, and considering Eclipsa is the black sheep of Mewni history, her mother could have been, too. Soupina seems to fit the bill for that role!

    Considering that Eclipsa lost her mother early on, she probably knew it was because of her mother's beliefs towards monsters. I wonder if Eclipsa constrained herself to be the "perfect princess/queen" to please the masses so the same thing wouldn't happen to her. However, that probably changed once she met Globgor and she embraced her beliefs of mewmans and monsters living harmoniously together.

    – I definitely think that Solaria would have had to come before Eclipsa. Considering that Solaria was really into killing monsters, she was probably one of the earlier queens when Mewni was first being colonized. She was also probably one of the major influences on the divide between mewmans and monsters. Considering that there was already a huge divide between mewmans and monsters during Eclipsa's time, it would make sense for Soloria to come before Eclipsa.

    Again, just a guess. We definitely don't know all the queens, so that's why I left an empty slot and question marks. I don't believe I am right, but I tried to put my best guess forward. Let me know what you think!

  13. MayliSong

    I don't think these 13 cards are EVERY queen of Mewni, seems like too few. Maybe its just notable ones.

  14. Kai Sutton

    Is that the Truth or Punishment cube?????

  15. Pinkish Arielle


  16. Jose Reyes Bonilla

    My favorite queen is the boy queen

  17. Steffi Piñol

    2 aroule signs?

  18. KON 007

    Crescent moon qwincidence I think not what was Marcos sign when he had stars wand crescent could marco possibly be a reincarnation ofcelena the shy we saw Marco is a very awkward and shy person especially towards Jackie what do you think of it like if you agree if you find a explanation let me know

  19. Victor Ologan

    They should have named her Star the rebel

  20. Ram Kitten

    Just proves that Eclipsa can wipe the floor with anyone :v

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