A SIN TO LIKE THIS?! || Minecraft Seven Deadly Sins Ultimate Modpack Episode 1

A SIN TO LIKE THIS?! || Minecraft Seven Deadly Sins Ultimate Modpack Episode 1

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20 Responses to A SIN TO LIKE THIS?! || Minecraft Seven Deadly Sins Ultimate Modpack Episode 1

  1. Hunterarchersam


  2. Kemesa Myers

    MAYBE watch the rest of tsds or the seven deadly sins season 3 and 2 if u haven't all ready

  3. Dillian Wolverton

    Because a dimon

  4. crazyest ghoul

    No exscanore!!!!

  5. crazyest ghoul

    Power should by snack/bons power

  6. ChaseTheOneHope

    you are the the most close with meliodas you dont want everything you dont want to be all powerful pride can go with other sins you are not that slow/lazy you envy sometimes but not a lot you are like meliodas you get into a mode where it jut blind rage like how in your ultimate anime modpack with the grimm you jut went ham to add to that you never go into wrath

  7. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Gil thunder literally jumped miles using his spear and lightning
    And with the help of the wind dud hey basically flew

  8. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Build a kingdom with a castle on a hill

  9. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Demon seems to be the most interesting route yet again
    I would say go human if you get more members of the squad on

  10. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Add some lag reduce mods like clumps so exp goes in clumps and better fps

  11. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Great episode one gingy forgets to put stuff in

  12. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    Only humans can have any Magic:
    Giants: earth
    Fairies plant and I believe wind
    Demon's have demon stuff and black fire thing
    Vampires can fly and I can't remember the rest

  13. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    I think the rotaters are ment to be a messed up version of golems

  14. Blackhoodie

    Can you launch this on technic

  15. TheMysticMinecart //Myles

    1 Titans mod for demon's? Maybe or giants or liliputian mod so they don't look like titans
    2 Age of weapons mod
    3 rustic
    4 Paragonia Mod
    5 Mine & Blade Battlegear
    6 Mine & Blade: Commander

  16. skelowarriorX

    You should make it to where there can only be seven sins and Ten Commandments and right who they are down and everyone else can be whole nights or from fairy or demon race because everyone gonna want to have bond because you’re basically immortal

  17. Flaming Uchiha

    IGN: FlamingUchiha
    Try to become the demon king or fairy king

  18. Kevin Lund

    Ign: OHYESKTM1
    My fav anime, so happy u making it a series

  19. Jkid1618 Get rekt

    Gluttony bar outfit is Escanors remember he had a bar and the boar hat is Meliodas’s

  20. londalinga slm

    what about mages?

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