2016 Screenies Awards! – The Best & Worst in Movies & TV

Let’s celebrate 2016’s best and worst of movies & TV with an award show!

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Hosted by:
Hal Rudnick ► http://twitter.com/halrudnick

Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Executive Produced by Andy Signore

20 Responses to 2016 Screenies Awards! – The Best & Worst in Movies & TV

  1. max zim

    When comes season 10

  2. Kuwakuma Kirishiki

    I actually saw Florence Foster Jenkins for real. Like for real

  3. FunDaliNI 9999

    11:50 welp.

  4. Joseph Lieberman

    That Kevin spacy joke aged a little to well

  5. Benjamin Garcia

    Nope Spacey's dignity died in 2017 not 2016. Silly Screen Junkies

  6. Alec Abrahams

    Lol. If you think Kevin Spacey had a bad year in 2016…

  7. c

    Kevin Spacey's dignity in the "In Memoriam" is pretty ironic a year later.

  8. Scrubman lowell

    11:51 is even more awkward!

  9. Fernando Valencia

    "Kevin Spacey's dignity"

    Damn, it's kinda weird to see this on a 2016 video.

  10. Juju Riri

    Nothing about Captain America Civil War?

  11. Vxhippomandan 21

    Watching this in 2018 and seeing the Kevin Spacey dignity joke adds to it a lot

  12. Mikkel Rasmussen

    11:52 You guys kinda predicted the future right there

  13. Jord

    Funny seeing that Kevin Spacey literally lost his dignity a year later :')

  14. Derpy The Dragon

    Tomb raider was a good video game movie

  15. Whaddup Pimps

    i knew it would be walking dead

  16. Leo Bergmiller

    lmao yall thought it was 2016 when Kevin Spacey lost his dignity…

  17. OgloCop

    Kevin Spacey dignity
    Laughing so hard over here in 2018

  18. Addie Davis

    They predicted Kevin Spacey’s future

  19. MuRah

    I watched Silence twice. And cried both times.

  20. David Schofield

    Kevin spacey's Integrity….he's lost more than that now

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