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Fast Hosting

When it comes to best page speed, we got it! Our servers is fast and Google loves that. We always use SSD and a good and fast bandwith connection.


If you like to install Woocommerce on your hosting plan, then just use our one click installer which is more than easy to use. Setup store in minuttes.


Try our support via livechat and telephone. We are online 24/7, 365 days in a year, so you always can reach us. Having some problems?

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All our hosting plans comes with cPanel, so you easily can customize everything on your site. Even if you are a beginner in building websites.

Cheap Hosting

What do we do at Linux Network Solutions

Cheap and good hosting is offen hard to find, but we can make that happen. Here at Linux Network Solutions we do offer some of the greatest cheap hosting in the world. When you order hosting from us, we will instantly set it up for you, so you are ready to build your new website! Maybe you are a beginner at developing or maybe a pro developer? We will always provide good customer support and make sure you and your website is on the track. Are you an ecommerce guy? Well, try our woocommerce solution and get blown away! Our woocommerce hosting is cheap and you can get your store online in a matter of minuttes. Building and setting up a webshop has never been easier and getting your website running has never been easier. Being the best and cheapest hosting company on the internet, we do have to come up with ideas and solutions to make everything better for you. Therefor we have set our starting plans to just $1, so you have money for something else. Our plan is to build the cheapest hosting plans worldwide. A lot of hosting companies in the world have cheap hosting like us. We have listed them below so you can see where to find some good and cheap hosting. A simple website for your company does not have to be expensive. Some people are paying way to much for their hosting solution and not getting anything for their money. You need to trust the company where you are putting your website and trust that they can handle your website with care. The best way to learn about the company where you want hosting is to google them and read about them, to see what others have to say about them. We have listed 10 hosting companies that have cheap hosting and each one have some special features, so find the company where you like their features and what they offer. Some of the companies have some pretty nice features and some extra service that you will love and that will benefit your website or your own company. We started with the cheapest hosting company and are then moving up, so the first company in the list is the cheapest one. Maybe you a searching for cheap hosting or maybe you want a hosting company with the best reviews. No matter what you are searching for you can find it here in the list below. It has never been easier to find cheap hosting or find some amazing hosting companies where you can host you website.

Hosting Companies

Other hosting companies to choose from provided by
HostBudget $0.75 Free 24/H Data Backup 8.3
HostingCon $0.89 Extra Cost One Click Installer 8.1
HostHex $0.90 Free Unlimited Email Accounts 9.1
HoboHost $0.92 Free Free SSL 9.2
DoHost $1 Free Unlimited Subdomains 9.0
Host Bandit $1 Free Daily Backups 9.3
3IX $1 Extra Cost Unlimited FTP Accounts 7.1
Expert Webhost $1 Free Weekly Backups 7.9
Zetta Host $1 Free Unlimited Disk Space 8.3
JustHost $3.95 Free Free cPanel 9.5

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